Monday, October 3, 2011

Mondays Don't Have to Be So Bad

Everyone hates Mondays but the good news is that Mondays represent a fresh start! the beginning of a brand new week!


I'm going to give you a quick synopsis of my weekend: styled Bridal hair for a BEAUTIFUL wedding party on Saturday morning (pics will be posted soon), attended the wedding where I witnessed a childhood friend marry her best friend and love of her life, reconnected with old friends, and last, but certainly not least, I SLOW DANCED with my handsome boyfriend :)


So, after a lovely weekend I have to focus on the brand new work week ahead of me! My goal for the week is to give someone a transformation. I'm looking for someone who is bored with their look and in need of a change. Kind of like this....
Jillian Michaels.  Yeah.

and my final thought of the day now that I posted a pic of Jillian's time to get back to the 30 day shred before I start lookin' like that "before" picture of her...waaahhhwahhhh
Jillian Michaels

til next time....

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